College Internships

BABTA has partnered with the University of San Francisco's Hospitality Program. Their students have been invited to post their resumes with BABTA on this tab as they are looking for internships in our industry to help them reach their college requirements. The USF program directors have offered to post any internship opportunities that you may have on their websites as well. If you have any questions about this program please contact Lisa Shenefiel.

  1. To have Your company's internship opportunity posted to the USF intranet site for Hospitality Management majors and minors , please fill out the Internship Posting Form or forward an overview covering the required information of the opportunity to:

Michelle Millar
Department Chair
Department of Hospitality Management University of San Francisco School of Management
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1045

  1. You can also post jobs on the USF Career Services Center’s (CSC) online job board using DonsRecruiting, our online recruiting system. You can indicate that you are ONLY looking for Hospitality Management students, as we had discussed, but posting it with the CSC folks casts a wider net and sometimes a double opportunity to recruit someone from our Program who may miss the email from us.

To do this, you'll need to register on DonsRecruiting at:

Click on "Register and Post Local Job". This is a free job posting to USF students and alums. On DonsRecruiting, you can:

  1. Post jobs online to USF students for FREE (Single School Posting only)! Multi-school postings will require a fee from NACElink. Just click on the Quick Link named "Create a Non-OCR Job Posting".
  2. Schedule on-campus interviews to recruit students.
  3. Order Resume Books of targeted students and/or alumni. Please send Alex Hochman in CSC a job description with your specific job qualifications and they can generate a Resume Book for you.
  4. Sign up for CSC’s signature events such as the Nonprofit Expo, Graduate School & Career Fair, and Career & Internship Fair. Schedule an information table or session to meet students directly.

 Alex Hochman is the contact for internships in USF's Career Services Center.

You can also contact him directly:

Alex Hochman
Senior Director, University of San Francisco Career Services Center
[email protected]