Membership Information

Thank you for your interest in joining BABTA!   As a BABTA member, you'll receive the reduced member rate when you register for BABTA monthly events, in addition to the following benefits:

  • Networking:  By actively participating in monthly meetings and other exciting events, BABTA members network and establish the professional relationships necessary for success.
  • Volunteerism and Leadership:  Our members have the opportunity to actively participate in the functioning of BABTA, gain the experience to grow professionally and assume leadership positions.
  • Programs and Education:  BABTA devotes the bulk of our resources to the education and professional skill development of our members.
  • Sponsorships:  BABTA members can purchase sponsorships at program events.  We offer several sponsorship levels, which provide a variety of opportunities to advertise your company at our monthly events, website, and newsletter.  Please visit the BABTA Sponsorship page for details.
  • Online Membership Directory:  BABTA members have the option to add a link to their company website to the online membership directory for an additional $30.00.

Please click here to view our membership types and fees (memberships expire one year from the day the member joins BABTA):  Please click here to complete the online member application.

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All Direct and Allied memberships are the exclusive right of the corporation.  If a member changes jobs, the member must still qualify in a new position.  Member representatives are required to notify the Vice President Membership in writing of employment termination.  If the membership is company paid, the company may, with approval of the Vice President Membership, name a new member and pay a change fee for the remainder of the term of the current membershipIf annual dues are paid directly by an individual and not reimbursed by their employer, membership in the Association is retained by the individual in the event of termination of that individual’s employment.