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Scholarship Winner Sarita Evans takes you on a fun day at the GBTA Convention

I am so appreciative to be chosen as the recipient of the 2017 BABTA sponsored scholarship to attend the annual GBTA 2017 conference held in Boston this year.   Despite earning a Juris Doctorate and the credentials to practice law, I mindfully and passionately chose the travel industry in which to dedicate and realize my career aspirations. Unlike the legal or many other career paths, so much of the knowledge and insights of the travel industry come from on the job training and networking. GBTA and BABTA are vitally important to get the knowledge and exposure to be truly effective in this chosen industry.

In my current position, I have some new areas of responsibility that have presented me with opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge (i.e. Air charters, private aircraft service, and Corporate fleet); therefore, I was especially motivated to attend GBTA this year because I knew it would be extremely valuable in furthering my growth and effectiveness and GBTA 2017 met all of my expectations!

The conference consisted of 4 days packed with opportunities for networking, learning, celebration, vendor relations and so much more. The stated theme of this year’s conference was “Convergence” (coming together, union). Throughout the conference some of the major themes that resonated with me were:

  1. Duty of Care: How we care for our customers
  2. Technology: What’s hot, what’s next
  3. Global Focus: Convergence of the global travel industry
  4. Networking: Life blood of our industry.

For those that were unable to attend, I would like to take you on a fun peek into a day at the GBTA 2017 conference:

I can’t believe I’m really here!!!

Start the day with a vigorous workout to get you ready for the day - Whew, I’m worn out just watching

Let’s load up with a carb breakfast after such a strenuous workout!

Time to Chill and Learn

My intimate lunch with a few of my new friends 

Taking in the calm before the storm on the Expo/Tradeshow floor

Yea, I scored with all the swag :-)

What a day, I’ve built up quite the appetite, let’s eat

Time to converge (party) with dear friends - it’s Ladies Night, let’s dance the night away

Celebrate, good time!!




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