About Us


Strive to increase awareness of corporate travel issues in Bay Area through networking, education and community involvement.


BABTA was founded as a chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (formerly called the National Business Travel Association) in 1975 by a group of local travel professionals. The objective of BABTA is to develop a network where travel professionals can receive support and education to enhance their career responsibilities through active involvement. BABTA is committed to addressing issues that arise in the travel industry and affect corporate travel.

Membership consists of travel managers, as well as suppliers and vendors from airline, car rental, hospitality and other travel-related industries. The goals and directions of the organization are determined by the membership.

Who belongs to BABTA?

Membership is open to all individuals who are engaged in travel, transportation, lodging and associated professions. There are two categories of membership: Corporate/Direct (travel buyers) and Allied (travel suppliers). Direct members are employed by corporations with the responsibility for managing travel costs and monitoring transportation and travel services. Allied members represent travel suppliers and organizations that provide travel-related services.