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Crushing Goals with Olympic Champion Matthew Mitchum

January 21, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Thursday, January 21
12:00 - 1:30 PM Pacific Time

Crushing Goals with Olympic Champion Matthew Mitchum

Space Limited to 200!

As an Gold Medal winning Olympic Champion, Matt has shared his winning goal setting strategies and incredible spirit with audiences all over the world.  BABTA, SVBTA and Airbnb are working together to offer this great program as we head into 2021 together! 

“My life has been a pearl-clutching series of twists and turns, so I’ll start by telling you a bit about my background and my sporting journey to give you a bit of context. Hopefully this will reassure you that if I (an overwhelmingly mediocre child crippled with low self-esteem and ADHD) can goal-set successfully, then you can, too.  

Then, we’ll talk through the strategy I use to set and achieve goals: SMART Goals. Afterward, I’ll help you with your own goal-setting and leave you with the insight and tools to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

I’ll give you the tricks I use to stay hyper-focused and motivated, for short- and long-term goals. Within this framework, we develop various levels of failsafes to keep even the flakiest of us on track. As with all my talks, I will leave time at the end to answer anything you've ever wondered about the Olympics, diving, goal setting or me.”

Invited Payment and Prize Draw

This program is complimentary, but we’d like to invite all of you who are able to make the optional $10 payment as offered on the registration page.  Both BABTA and SVBTA rely on the generosity of sponsors and members to help us secure, pay for some of the best programming content and networking opportunities in our community.  Any assistance you can provide is deeply appreciated and everyone who attends will qualify for a prize draw at the end of the program!

Vendor Showcase Opportunity:  $49 Payment -  Limited to 5 for BABTA (Please also register for a regular ticket)

$49  Ticket for Vendor Showcase opportunity
- Advertisement of your hotel/company/airline in the revolving slideshow prior to the event (Please create and provide your slide by 1/15/21)
- 1 Social Media Post mentioning all the Vendor Showcase Partners together
- Payment and Logo Deadline:  Friday, 1/15/2021

Capacity & Registering

Limited to 100 registered attendees from BABTA and 100 from SVBTA (200 Total).  Don’t delay in registering and making your optional payment.  And, if you register and later decide you can’t make it please let us know so we can offer your spot to someone else.  This meeting will NOT be recorded per the speaker's request.

Following your registration, you will be sent aconfirmation email that includes a link to “Claim your seat” for the program.  Upon clicking on this link you will log-into your existing Airbnb profile (or create one for the first time).   Upon completion of this final step you will receive the Zoom link through the Airbnb platform. 

If you require additional registration information or assistance, please contact [email protected] for guidance. 


Thank you to our Diamond Sponsor

Thank you to our generous Sponsor:


$10.00 Member Optional $10 Payment

$10.00 Non-Member Optional $10 Payment

$49.00 Ticket for Vendor Showcase opportunity - Advertisement of your hotel/company/airline logo in the revolving slideshow that’s shown as we kick off the program & 1 Social Media Post mentioning all the Vendor Showcase Partners together

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$0.00 Non-Member Free Ticket

$10.00 Member Optional $10 Payment