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Lyft Wants to Be Your Preferred Ground Transportation Partner

Thanks to thousands of disparate vendors with inconsistent costs, coverage, and duty of care policies, building a ground transportation policy can cause a few headaches. For the first time ever, ridesharing companies allow travel managers to navigate the fragmented ground transportation landscape with a single, national vendor. Lyft wants to help corporate travel managers avoid the headaches by developing solutions for consolidated, environmentally conscious, and socially impactful ground transportation programs.

Business Travelers Are Already Choosing Lyft

The way Americans think about business travel is evolving. Whether or not it’s a part of the travel policy, ridesharing has become a popular option for daily commutes and business travel, as well as personal trips. Research from Certify shows that business travelers believe ridesharing vendors offer a better experience than rental cars and taxis. A new generation of business travellers is foregoing lengthy taxi lines, expensive car services, and advanced booking options in favor of on-demand ridesharing apps. With Lyft, passengers can request a driver through a few taps, and get picked up in minutes by a friendly member of the community.

Lyft Is Setting a New Standard Duty of Care

Passengers increasingly choose ridesharing for business travel, and in some cases, they’re doing it out of policy. Lyft invites travel managers to join the conversation about employee safety by developing the right transportation solutions to keep employees safe. Lyft works with healthcare providers, universities, and corporations to bring safe rides to those that need them most. This fall, Lyft launched a pilot with Starbucks to provide rides to baristas who are often out the door before public transportation is in operation. Lyft’s approach to safety combines the top industry standards for ground transportation with an innovative digital system that’s setting a new standard for safety in business travel.

Lyft Is Setting a New Standard Duty of Care

In more than 150 cities nationwide, Lyft has become a powerful vehicle of change and connectivity. Lyft provides flexible earning opportunities for drivers, improved access for passengers, and significant gains in local economic activity. To find out how you can incorporate Lyft into your travel program, visit the Lyft for Work website.

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