Member Group

Website Committee

The Website committee needs your assistance. Any BABTA member interested in contributing articles, stories, profiles, or even ideas for the website, blog, and social media is welcome to join the website committee. We are looking for the different voices of BABTA. 1-2 hours per month.

Prize Drawing Committee

The Prize Drawing committee members are responsible for the selling of raffle tickets and the solicitation of prizes. Commitment of time includes attending meetings to sell tickets and soliciting prizes. Photos at events will also be the responsibility of the Prize Drawing Committee. 1-2 hours per month.

Membership Commitee

Individuals on the Membership Committee will meet once a month on a date to be determined. They will be responsible for the annual membership drive, registration process at monthly meetings, mentor program for new members and assisting the VP of technology with fielding questions. 1-2 hours per month.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship committee meets a minimum of two times in the March-May time period to establish the different types of scholarships to be offered to the BABTA membership. They will be given a budget as approved by the Board of Directors from which to work. They will work with the VP of Technology to create and send out a scholarship application and will subsequently meet to determine the winners. Persons on the committee may apply for a scholarship but must excuse themselves in the final determination process. Maximum 4 hours.

Nominating Committee

Members of the Nominating committee will assist with organizing the election process by collecting ideas, recommending and soliciting potential candidates who may be interested in serving on the Board. The ballot preparation process as well as the tabulation of the ballots will also be the responsibility of the nominating committee. New officers will be announced by the nominating committee. 2 hours per month.

Holiday Gala Committee

The Holiday Gala Committee on three phases of the Holiday Gala: 1. Solicitation of donations from air, car, hotel and other vendors to be used in the raffle and silent/live auction. 2. Assisting with different tasks the night of the event (i.e. registration, silent auction, live auction, auction check-out, etc) 3. Following up to make sure payment is received for all auction items and sending out thank you notes to all who donate. The committee is ongoing from late August-December. 5-10 hours total.

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee facilitates the organization of programs focusing on educating members on our evolving industry. Our main goal is to identify major topics within the travel industry that will be beneficial to existing members, both Direct and Allied, as well as enticing new members to want to be a part of our organization.

Education Day Committee

The Education Day Committee works on the same goals as the Program Committee for our BABTA Education Day held every two years.

Renewing Members