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Our Mission

The Bay Area Business Travel Association’s programs are designed to further the understanding of corporate travel management practices and trends. BABTA provides opportunities for corporate (direct) travel suppliers and purchasers to share perspectives on pertinent industry topics. Membership criteria help maintain an equal balance between the two groups, thereby providing views from all vantage points.
Founded in 1975, the organization has over 200 members from different locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, representing firms in all types of business: manufacturing, insurance, utilities, banking, computer hardware and software, biotechnology, law and construction. BABTA is affliated with the Global Business Travel Association.

Message from

the President - BABTA

As a chapter of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the mission of the Bay Area Business Travel Association (BABTA) is to educate and provide networking opportunities to its members, and advocate for the advancement of the business travel industry. Whether you are a current member of BABTA or not, this association is committed to be an open forum for both travel buyers and sellers around the San Francisco Bay Area to discuss and debate the challenges that we all face as an industry. BABTA welcomes everyone to participate and contribute to the dialogue and the change management that our dynamic industry delivers daily.

As the new 2018 president of BABTA, also having served as president several years back, I would like to emphasize that we are an association of corporate travel professionals. I stress the word “association” because it implies common interest and equality to the activities that we direct. As a travel manager, I come to BABTA to learn and grow. Despite my many years of experience in the travel industry, I find learning to be a continuous journey. Over the years my affiliation with BABTA and the partnerships and friendships developed with both buyers and suppliers, has contributed a great deal to my success and professional development.

Once again, a very dedicated and talented BABTA board will shape the conversation and promote many analyses of business travel industry issues. The board is motivated to be as creative and innovative as possible in all its activities to serve BABTA’s membership. Success, however, is not possible without the dynamic and engaged participation of all of you. We invite you to join us, whether formally or informally, to produce some of the most consequential and thought-provoking examinations of our industry.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” I invite you to come and learn with us to enhance your professional development and support your peers. I personally invite you to get involved and help us to advance learning in our industry.

In appreciation and at your service.

Mark Ziegler